How Heating Pads Help You to Cure Back Pain?

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“Back Pain”, the most prevalent word among all age group of people. About 90% of the people suffer from either acute or chronic back pain. Rest, medicines, physiotherapy are the first-line back pain therapy. Besides, the patient will be advised to have heating pads to soothe the pain. Does it provide a constant relief? Yes, of course gradually you can experience it.

Use Heating Pads to Cure Back Pain

Heating PadsThe use of heat therapy was in the ages of Egyptians and Greeks who used the sunlight for healing illnesses. A Heating pad is primarily used for comfort and relaxation and then it is focused on several kinds of body aches. Mostly constant pain associated with cramps, stiffness. As per online studies, Heating pads work as the analgesic.

Heat can be able to penetrate a few centimeters into tissues, cells and speeds up biochemistry when the tissue temperature rises up. This acts as a therapeutic application to the users and they can feel a relaxed relief from the back pain. When the back pain causes after strenuous exercise heating pads help to reduce the soreness.

A Heating pad can provide relief for back pain through various mechanisms:

Heat has the tendency to stimulate the sensory receptors in the skin i.e. when applying heat to the back will reduce the conduction of pain signals to the brain and thus relieves the discomfort optimally.

The blood vessels of the muscles surrounding the back are dilated with the heat therapy. It ultimately increases the oxygen flow and muscle nutrients, thus helps in healing the damaged tissue.

Heat stretches the soft tissues around the spine, including adhesions, connective tissue and muscles. The heat therapy decreases stiffness with an increased flexibility. Flexibility is quite important for a healthy back.

Many people have been benefited by heating pad heat therapy along with other modules of treatment such as mild exercises and proper physical therapy. Heat therapy is highly beneficial because it is a non-invasive & non-pharmaceutical form for back pain relief.

Types of heat therapy

Heat Therapy Types

Dry heat and moist heat

Dry heat: Saunas, Electric heating pads suck moisture from the body and they may leave the skin dehydrated. Some people feel the dry heat is being the best for their back pain.

Moist heat: Steamed towels, hot baths and moist heating packs help in the heat penetration into the muscles and some people feel the moist heat brings up better pain relief.

Local, regional and full body heat therapies are classifieds. When you suffer from pain in small areas like muscle stiffness, then fomentation bag can be used to treat the pain. For a widespread pain or stiffness, i.e. for regional treatment, a large heating pad will be much helpful. Saunas and a hot bath would help in full body treatment.

A case study report informs that a heating pad and heat wrap therapy relieved pain, muscle stiffness and soreness & improved flexibility better than the painkillers. The subjects were 371 people. The functional brain-imaging research showed that when the heat was applied some parts of the brain were activated that caused to mitigate the pain sensation.

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Beware of:

Commonly all heat treatments cause tissue damage when the heat is excessively applied. A superficial heat therapy can cause burns, blisters, and redness or sometimes causes reduced blood circulation. So, better monitor with a right degree of temperature to avoid such issues.


Heat pads provide inexpensive therapy to relieve you from all kinds of back pain. Either it may be used alone or associated with other therapies. Since it is a simple method, most of us forget it and go for costlier treatments. In many back pain programs, heat pad therapy is taking the main part. Electronic rechargeable heating pads and fomentation bags are available in the pharmacies. So, if you are a back pain sufferer, then choose any of them, use carefully and get relieved from the back pain instantly.

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