How Heating Pads Help You to Cure Back Pain?

“Back Pain”, the most prevalent word among all age group of people. About 90% of the people suffer from either acute or chronic back pain. Rest, medicines, physiotherapy are the first-line back pain therapy. Besides, the patient will be advised to have heating pads to soothe the pain. Does it provide a constant relief? Yes, […]

Is Valley Fever Contagious ? – Check Here

Most of us are more or less familiar with the term ‘fever’, however, many of us don’t know about the various types of fever. If you are an inhabitant of the southwestern United States or some other parts of the world, then a rare chance is that such symptoms might indicate something else and that’s […]

Rift Valley Fever Transmit & Symptoms

Rift Valley Fever (in short RVF) is caused by one type of virus that gets transmitted by mosquitoes as well as various blood-feeding flies. Basically, animals (specifically sheet and cattle) are get affected by Rift Valley Fever, however, humans can also become victims of RVF. In human beings, Rift Valley Fever can range from a […]

The Easiest Treatment of Valley Fever

The term ‘fever’ is one of the most commonly used terms in our regular lives. The inhabitants of the southwestern United States or various other parts of the world are susceptible to another type of fever- ‘valley fever’. After getting attacked by valley fever, the signs and symptoms usually go away automatically. However, medicines are […]

What Are The Symptoms of Valley Fever?

Valley fever is also known as coccidioidomycosis and it is caused by fungi, named C. posadasii and Coccidioides immitis species. This particular species is in the body of around 50%-75% of healthy people that causes zero to negligible symptoms and some people infected with these fungi never require medical care. When signs and symptoms start […]

How Do You Treat Valley Fever?

Most of us are aware of the term ‘fever’ and many of us are familiar with the term ‘flu’ but do you know how many types of fever are there? In the regions of the southwestern United States and some other areas in the world, a rare chance is that such signs indicate a type […]